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Alice Fox

Alice smiles gently, exuding confidence, wearing a grey t-shirt. Her hair is a delicate ombre ranging from a rosy violet to a shell pink
GPSS Vice President and Director of Legislative Affairs (Ph.D. Student: Science and Technology in Society Program)

Alice Fox

Ph.D. Program: Science and Technology in Society

Personal Statement

I am looking forward to providing a supportive role in securing equity, access, and well-being for the graduate student body at VT. Although the previous members of the executive board will be sorely missed, I know the group we have here is just as dedicated to advocacy and realizing quality-of-life improvements across the university. Thank you for putting your trust in me, and the other newly minted members of the board. I am proud to serve this community.

Statement of Intent

I want to help make the GPSS the best it can be. Maruf and Awad have done an awesome job, and I want to continue that mission into the future. 

Platform Statement

I think the first 6 months to a year should be focused on maintaining continuity and establishing a good working relationship between the exec board and the GPSS body. With so many board members leaving, I think it will take a moment to find a rythmn with a new group. After this period, and hopefully through the end of Covid-19 related enterprises, my goals would be to start working on: 1. A summer grant program for grad students, 2. Increasing local partnerships with business and markets to make fresh, healthy food more accessible to grad students, 3. Establishing a more streamlined communication interface between the GPSS and grad student population (at large) to ensure transparency and clear communication, 4. Confirm the dedication of the GPSS to transparent communication with upper administration and provide more clear guidelines on what the exact expectations of 'transparent' communication are.

The Role Itself

The Vice President and Director of Legislative Affairs is the chief administrative officer of the GPSS, and also the chief advisor to the President and the Executive Board especially in matters of University governance.