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GPSS Research Symposium

an image of the poster session from the 2016 gsars

The GPSS Research Symposium and Exposition is a unique opportunity for both full-time and part-time graduate students at Virginia Tech to showcase their scholarly pursuits and achievements, and brings together ideas and research findings from different disciplines. The Graduate School provides a generous level of funding to cover our operating costs. The scholarship monies awarded to winners are generously donated by many offices, colleges, departments, programs, and schools of the university. The Spring 2021 event will be our 37th Annual GPSS Research Symposium and Exposition! This year's theme is Research Carries On!

As part of this event, we provide awards for the top participants in each of the major competitions:

  • synchronous virtual research talks (10 minutes)
  • flash talks (5 minutes)
  • pre-recorded videos (15 minutes max, approved on case-by-case basis). 

Prospective presenters are asked to submit their 300 (or fewer) word abstracts using the link on the menu to the right. The submissions will be anonymously evaluated by two or more peer reviewers in order to ensure the high quality of the presentations, and the ability of the presenters to communicate with a broad audience. Please note: All presentation proposal submissions must be made from your email address.

The GPSS Research Symposium and Exposition provides a platform for the professional and academic development of our graduate student researchers, allowing them to present before a panel of current academic researchers for the purpose of developing their abilities to communicate their work to a wide audience. It also provides for valuable networking between participants, faculties, departments, and research entities, which could pave the way for interdisciplinary research discussion and future collaboration.

Questions? Please email the GPSSRS Chair from your VT email address.

Application openings and deadlines for presenter applications and judge volunteer applications will also be announced on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and through the weekly Graduate School listserv email.

Example Volunteer opportunities: review abstracts submitted by prospective presenters, organize materials for the event, ensure activities on the day of the event run smoothly, set up event rooms before start of event, tear down rooms at conclusion of event, support judges, presenters, and other volunteers on the day of the event.

Chair responsibilities: organize and execute the symposium, including, but not limited to, managing all volunteers, vendors, and materials; recruiting and scheduling judges; scheduling presenters; scheduling volunteers; creation and submission of event book.

Call For Judges

We know you value the advice of our faculty, professional staff, researchers, and advisors. Please invite them to join us as judges! They, too, will receive a token of our regard (and free food during the live event), but more importantly, they will have the opportunity to give valuable professional feedback. We ask that our volunteer judges commit to at least one time slot (generally one hour long). Please encourage your faculty to join us in this opportunity to engage graduate students in a professional development opportunity, serving our campus by providing an audience to reflect on the wide variety of research that will be shared!

Judge responsibilities: evaluate presenters using the rubric provided, ask questions that encourage the presenters to deeply explain their research, create a safe and encouraging environment in which our researchers may develop necessary professional presentation skills.