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University Committees and Commissions

GPSS logo featuring a stylized GLC in maroon, orange, and white, with images of three graduates standing, surrounded by the words Graduate Student Assembly of VT on blue

Delegates to the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and members of the GPSS Executive Board execute part of the their duties by serving on a variety of University commission and committees. Reports on the activities of these meetings are provided during General Assembly meetings as requested.

Please access the University's Governance website for full details on their Commissions, Committees, and Councils, including their structure, constitution & bylaws, resolutions, and meeting minutes. The Commissions, Committees, and Councils, are listed below.

  • Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs
  • Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • Commission on Faculty Affairs
  • Commision on Graduate and Professional Studies and Policies
  • Commission on Outreach and International Affairs
  • Commission on Research
  • Commission on Staff Policies and Affairs
  • Commission on Student Affairs
  • Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies
  • Commission on University Support
  • Academic Support Committee
  • Athletics Committee
  • Campus Development Committee
  • Commencement Committee
  • Employee Benefits Committee
  • Energy & Sustainability Committee
  • Faculty Honorifics Committee
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Honor Council
  • Information Technology Services & Systems Committee
  • Intellectual Property Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Transportation & Parking Committee
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • University Curriculum Committee for General Education
  • University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning