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GPSS Executive Board

The individuals serving on the GPSS Executive Board, the advisor and the GA to the GPSS

Jack smiles calmly into the camera, standing before an image of a family tree styled after yggdrasil. His befuddled cat is cradled in his arms. Jack's hair is brown. The cat is white and multi-tones of grey.
Jack Leff, President of GPSS, 2021-2022 (Ph.D. Program: Science and Technology in Society)

As the chief executive officer of the GPSS, the President communicates on the behalf of all GPSS Members to University administrators, faculty, staff, undergraduate students, the Town of Blacksburg community, and other external bodies.

Alice smiles gently, exuding confidence, wearing a grey t-shirt. Her hair is a delicate ombre ranging from a rosy violet to a shell pink
Alice Fox, GPSS Vice President and Director of Legislative Affairs (Ph.D. Student: Science and Technology in Society Program)

The Vice President and Director of Legislative Affairs is the chief administrative officer of the GPSS, and also the chief advisor to the President and the Executive Board especially in matters of University governance. 

Micki shares a sunny, sunlit smile, framed by flowers and pathways between them
Micki Palmersheim, Director of Programs of GPSS (Master's program, Entomology in CALS)

The Director of Programs is the chief operating officer for all programs,  defined as participation-based services and events that require long-term planning and budgeting. 

Anusha Prasad, Director of Finance and Treasurer of the GSA, 2021-2022 (Ph.D. Program, Department of Geoscience)

Anusha smiles confidently into the camera. Her dark brunette lightly curly hair is in a half up half down style, and she is wearing a delicate red wrap blouse decorated with images of flowers and adorned with a lacy neckline.
Anusha Prasad, GPSS Director of Finance and Treasurer of the GPSS (Master's Student, Department of Geoscience)

The Director of Finance and Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the GPSS. The Director of Finance is responsible for all financial matters within the GPSS.

Amanda smiles at the camera, her brunette hair backlit in the Blacksburg Spring sunshine. She appears youthful and confident.
Amanda Burroughs, Director of Communications and Secretary of the GPSS (Ph.D. Program, Department of Sociology)

The Director of Communications and Secretary is the chief communications officer of the GPSS. The Director of Communications is responsible for all official communications originating from the GPSS.

emily smiles happily into the camera, her smile is broad and welcoming. She wears a blue top and is pictured in front of green trees.
Emily Burns, Director of Events for GPSS (Ph.D. Program: Higher Education)

The Director of Events is the chief operating officer for all GPSS Events, defined as attendance-based events and services that further the GPSS Mission. 

this image links to Monika's page. The image shows: Monika gazes into the camera solemnly, a slight smile on her face, wearing a simple shirt and cardigan
Monika Gibson, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services, Advisor to the GPSS

Our advisor and trusted partner, Monika Gibson is responsible for the development, implementation, management and assessment of programs and services that support the academic and professional development of graduate students and improve their quality of life.

Phil has blue eyes, and auburn hair which is short and parted to the side on the top. His beard and mustache are neatly trimmed. He wears a black suit with a pale blue button down shirt and a maroon tie
Phillip Miskovic, Graduate Student Representative to the BOV, 2021-2022

At their discretion, the Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Visitors shall address the Assembly about matters related to their position. The GPSS, however, has no and claims no official authority over the actions of the Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Visitors, nor their selection.

GPSS logo featuring a stylized GLC in maroon, orange, and white, with images of three graduates standing, surrounded by the words Graduate Student Assembly of VT on blue
Ariel Heminger, GA to the GPSS, 2020-2021

The graduate assistant to the GPSS supports the officers of the executive board in their efforts to serve the entire graduate student community at Virginia Tech.

The Executive Board of the GPSS is vested with executive power by the Assembly to ensure the effective operation of the GPSS, and for fulfilling its purpose, function, and mission. They are responsible for managing the various Programs and Events, for managing the GPSS funds, for scheduling and running the General Assembly Meetings, and for collecting information on and representing the needs and concerns of the graduate and professional students at Virginia Tech to the University administration.