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Amanda Burroughs

Amanda smiles at the camera, her brunette hair backlit in the Blacksburg Spring sunshine. She appears youthful and confident.
GPSS Director of Communications and Secretary of the GSA (Ph.D. Program: Department of Sociology)

Amanda Burroughs

Ph.D. Program: Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Personal Statement

I am very excited to be a part of the GPSS Executive Board and to continue the good work done by the previous board members. As Director of Communications, I will prioritize building solidarity among graduate students and increasing transparency regarding the GPSS's goals and meetings, especially for students who are unable to directly engage with the GPSS. One of my major goals is to use social media to publish statements against injustices that occur at Virginia Tech so that students affected by these injustices know that the GPSS stands with them. I also hope to strengthen relationships with Virginia Tech staff and build a coalition of campus workers. Above all, I will serve as an advocate for my fellow graduate students. Together, we are stronger.

Statement of Intent

Graduate students deserve representatives who will always put students' interests first. I believe I have the skills and dedication necessary to serve as an Executive Board Member of the GPSS as I have continuously served my fellow graduate students both in official and unofficial capacities since starting at VT in 2019. As a former member of the Executive Board of the Sociology Graduate Student Organization (2019-2020), I created and executed a graduate student needs assessment at the beginning of the pandemic. The results of that assessment led to additional funding opportunities for graduate students in the department. In the past year, I have been an advocate for students facing challenges within the department. I am running for this position so that I can continue this work on a larger scale.

Platform Statement

In this role, I intend to create transparent communications for graduate students across email and social media. I believe that the GPSS should have a strong social media presence, through which we can advertise events and campaigns. I believe that strong communication will increase solidarity among gradaute students, creating a student body that is more capable of fighting for its needs.

The Role Itself

The Director of Communications and Secretary is the chief communications officer of the GPSS. The Director of Communications is responsible for all official communications originating from the GPSS.