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Riley DeHority

Director of Communications and Secretary

About Riley DeHority (they/them)

Hey y’all! I’m Riley DeHority (they/them), a 4th year PhD student in Biological Systems Engineering and the GPSS Director of Communications. I’ve been having a great time doing graphic design to promote GPSS events and programs and I’m excited to do more of it this next year! I’m also passionate about getting all grad students a living wage – meet me at the BOV meetings this weekend. In my free time, I like volunteering at Southpaw Cafe, doing portrait photography, and dreaming of a future where the monoclonal antibody I take for my rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t cost $8,000 a month. I’m also developing an educational board game about vaccine engineering, and always need beta testers! If you ever need me, I’m probably in the lab playing solitaire on my phone while my protein gels run.