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Jack Leff

Jack smiles calmly into the camera, standing before an image of a family tree styled after yggdrasil. His befuddled cat is cradled in his arms. Jack's hair is brown. The cat is white and multi-tones of grey.
Jack Leff, GPSS President (Ph.D. Program: Science and Technology in Society)

Jack R Leff

Ph.D. Program: Science and Technology in Society

Personal Statement

I'm excited about this opportunity to serve the graduate and professional community. In the upcoming academic year I intend to facilitate meaningful structural change that improves the lives of students, graduate students, staff, and faculty. Drawing on my political organizing experience, I will empower the GPSS within shared governance and draw from a diverse range of constituents to pass legislative adjustments to how the university operates. Including, but not limited to, enhancing the financial transparency of the university and foundation, instituting equity and ethics as core values under-girding all decisions, and democratic reforms to what has traditionally been a top-heavy administrative institution.

Statement of Intent

I'd like to serve the interests of the graduate and professional student community and do my best to facilitate institutional changes that improve the financial, academic, and mental wellbeing of all graduate students. 

Platform Statement

I intend to streamline the resolution process to initiate necessary institutional changes across the university. I aim to create more transparency at all levels of governance and in the financial expenditures of the university. In so doing, I will leverage financial oversight to financially support marginalized and under-resources community members including the CCCs and international students. Additionally, I will encourage an atmosphere of legislation that will usher in much needed changes to old university systems.

The Role Itself

As the chief executive officer of the GPSS, the President communicates on the behalf of all GPSS Members to University administrators, faculty, staff, undergraduate students, the Blacksburg community, and other external bodies.