A new year, a new look.

2020 has been a time of change, of reflection, and of a growing awareness of our interconnectedness and interdependence on each other. We have been forced to examine ourselves and our commitment to public health, to diversity, to identifying and ending racism, to our fellow students and their individual needs and concerns.

We, the GSA Executive Board, have further committed to the recognition and support of our sister GSAs at Virginia Tech, and are actively including them in our work and discussions.

To that end, we have revisited our logos and have created a new one to carry forward into the future. 

For the Blacksburg campus GSA, and to recognize the central part this GSA plays in representing all of the graduate and professional students of Virginia Tech, we have chosen the facade of the historic Donaldson Brown building, home to the Graduate School and to the Graduate Student Assmebly. The building is created using the maroon and orange of the Hokie colors, with the distinctive white portico at the building's main entrance. Between each of the pillars is an image of a graduate student, one for each of our main campuses (Blacksburg, Roanoke, and the DC Metro area). They are of equal dimensions, reflecting the exemplary quality of the graduate and professional student bodies of each of those campuses.

Surrounding the building is a circle of blue, with the words "Graduate Student Assembly of Virginia Tech" emblazoned in white. This blue contrasts strongly with the traditional maroon and orange, celebrating the diversity of our graduate and professional student populations, reminding us that we are more than the sum of our parts, and that we are a vibrant and growing part of the Virginia Tech academic and professional community

The Roanoke and DC Metro campuses are also getting new logos this year, which will echo this layout, and will recognize and celebrate the unique nature of each of those areas. 

We are Virginia Tech's graduate and professional student population: students, researchers, instructors, and active participants in this vibrant community.