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How we function as an organization and within the University

theme: keeping balance

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The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) serves as the liaison between graduate students and University Administration and is comprised by three branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The executive branch is comprised of the members of the Executive Council and the legislative branch is comprised of the members of the General Assembly. Judicial powers of the GSA rest with the Judicial Committee (a Standing Committee of the Assembly). 

Delegates to the Graduate Student Assembly and members of the GSA Executive Board execute part of the their duties by serving on a variety of University commission and committees. Members of the Virginia Tech GSA Executive Board also participate in regular meetings with administration, and provide their reports during General Assembly meetings as requested.

The image below summarizes the Governance Structure of the University.

The governance structure of the University as it provides information ultimately to the Board of Visitors

The graphic shows the many commissions, committees, and individuals and the flow of information that goes between them and ultimately to the Board of Visitors.
The Governance Structure of Virginia Tech