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GPSS and USS Joint Exec Board Statement on UVA Shooting

Dear VT Community,

Last night, the University of Virginia, experienced a horrific shooting. While the details, at present, are still forthcoming, it is clear that they have lost several members of their community, with others injured, and the outcomes still uncertain. While it is not our community directly suffering, this is an all too familiar experience for us. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victims as well as the UVA and Charlottesville communities, all of which have been impacted by these actions. Today is a day to put aside the friendly rivalries and competition we usually feel towards our colleagues and let them know that we are here, as eternal friends and supporters. We urge people today to avoid making assumptions and spreading misinformation and instead looking for ways to offer solidarity and help to the affected communities. Events like these have the potential to transform a community forever, as we well know. The best thing we can do is be there for our friends and colleagues to help them through the ongoing crisis and into a future that seeks to heal. These tragedies are all too common in the United States at present, and each event calls upon us to refresh our commitment to change and restorative justice, especially in times of hardship.

In Blacksburg, these events expose us all to fresh trauma, old wounds become raw again. Although it is challenging in these moments to not feel powerless and isolated, it is crucial to depend upon our communities to process this experience together. The Graduate and Professional Student Senate and the Undergraduate Student Senate have open lines of communication if you need to reach out to us, whether it’s to talk directly or to have us point you in the direction of other departments, communities, and resources. We have put mental health resources below for your consideration and we encourage you to utilize them if you have a need.

Ben Beiter, Chloe Robertson, John Barbish, Alice Fox, Yohan Sequeira, Cissy Ming, Noor Tasnim, Marx Wang and Anna Buhle on behalf of the Graduate and Professional Student Body.

Caroline Lohr, Ainsley Cragin, Seungchan Jeong, O’Brian Martin, Eireann Maybach, Sam Yuzbashev, and Jamal Ross on behalf of the Undergraduate Student Body.

Support Services
Cook Counseling: 540-231-6557 |
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Graduate School:
Dean of Students Office: 540-231-3787 | Email: | Email:
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TimelyCare virtual counseling: 

GPSS-USS Statement on UVA Shooting.pdf GPSS and USS Joint Exec Board Statement on UVA Shooting